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Q: I have been experiencing a very embarrassing vaginal odor and itch for quite some time now.  It seems like I have tried everything from washing repeatedly with soap to douching and just can't seem to make it go away. Please help! A: Many women experi
smokinjoe · 1000 days ago

Do cold sores mean herpes? Is cybersex really cheating? Where’s my G-spot? We rounded up sexual health experts to weigh in on subjects that women are often too red-faced to discuss with their gynecologists or girlfriends. Read on to get the lowdown on what
smokinjoe · 1483 days ago

Myth #1: You can’t get pregnant if you do it standing up. Fact: Sperm are Olympic-class swimmers with a single-mission mentality – find the egg and fertilize it.The myth's underlying assumption – that it’s harder for sperm to swim against gravity, making i
smokinjoe · 1483 days ago
"Sex on television can't hurt you unless you fall off."


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